Lore May
charlie the server was excellent it was my bday and he was great!! even the other patrons were so warming I would definitely recommend ...... the milkshakes and the chicken delicious
Daniel Yu
Food was great, service friendly, prices standard. Their fries are nice and crispy. They need to make a proper menu, though, would be nice to know specials prices up front.
Manoli Perselis
Words are not enough to describe how amazing the food and service here is. We ordered so much food and there wasn’t a single dish that didn’t taste amazing. The employees all had a smile on their face which lit up the entire place. I would definitely recommend stopping by if you ever get the chance.
Hani Mneimne
Very good food for the price point. I have eaten here a few times, and I must say there a few standout items. I would highly recommend the entire burger menu. Each burger is very different yet are all equally as delicious.
Elias Aspras
Today I went with my family to see Westville how works with new owners. The staff is very friendly, special with kids, that's important because we all have kids and want to be understood....no feeling eyes on us and judging us. The food was amazing, I had steak and egg, my wife had The Pollack omelet, and my little boy had an oreo waffle <he loves oreo >. The plate had good a amount of food, look clean and good presentation 👌 . The waitress was very sympathetic, she had a lot of patience. For the end we order the Oreo milkshake this was so amazing, with no words to describe it. We will come back and bring over our friends
Kim Hynes
So happy the folks at Westville Diner decided to open! I have really fond memories of eating at the Athenian Diner as a child with my family after church on Sundays. This new incarnation gives me the good feels - and the food is great! I had crab cakes Benedict. Delicious. Big chunks of crab and the Hollandaise was on point. They need to hire more staff, but staff pitched in to help each other and were all just lovely. Hoping to create more memories here.
Robert A. Fiore
Westville Dinner is Excellent. The owners took a landmark location and brought it up a notch. I had Breakfast and Lunch there. The Staff are true professionals. What is on the menu is not conventional, they put their Love onto the menu. We highly recommend the Westville Dinner